Nice Things People Say About Me


For which I am very grateful:)

 “I have worked with Aven twice now, and am jealous of anybody else who gets to do so in the future. Not only does she approach her productions with care, preparation, and sensitivity. Not only does her voice convey warmth, intelligence, and precision. Aven doesn’t just ‘read’ a book—she inhabits and improves it. What a pleasure to work with someone with passion for the written word and its potential.”

- Nicholas Nicastro

Your voice is just so perfect for the latter parts of the book in particular […]. One of the reasons I picked you is that there’s a quality of sadness - sadness, but precisely described, and therefore not sentimental - you are capable of projecting that so fits my intentions.

You've been wonderful to work with and I feel so lucky and relieved to have had you narrate, Aven, especially as you have had enthusiasm for the project.

After working with [other narrators], I appreciate your conscientiousness and preparation even more. 

AMAZING JOB, Aven, from start to finish!  Words fail to convey my awe and gratitude.

Wow - I listened to B---- in Chapter 6. You nailed her.  It gave me chills...

I appreciate your stellar work. Your suggestions greatly improved the book -:)

I reviewed the finished chapters today. A perfect job!  Your voice is a gift that will carry you far.

Must mention again how pleased I am with your narration. You have the voice of an angel! (Feel free to use my statement in any way you wish.)

You’ve done a fine job, Aven. Your voice makes the story a compelling experience. Even for me, and I lived through the events :-)

L---’s accent is just right.  I'm so proud of what you have done so far, and am really looking forward to hearing the entire book.

That was so darn good!!  I loved how you read that!

It’s been fantastic working with you!

My wife and I do this together and we loved your voice, you make the perfect L-----!  

I absolutely adore your voice (you sound the way I imagine M------ in my mind)

Our collaboration made my memoir so much better! Not only due to your voice. Your suggestions elevated the work immeasurably too.

Thanks for your keen eye on the manuscript.

I was very impressed with your reading per the tracks I received. An audio book is only as good as the reader who brings it to life.

Thank you for your wonderful narration!  Your voice characterization is spot on.