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I’ve been an insatiable reader of books my whole life, and it is a near-magical dream come true for me to be able to read books for a living!

I narrate multiple genres, from romance to sci-fi and fantasy, and am on schedule to reach 100 books this year.

My priority is for the author to be happy with my performance and how I represent their intentions. It is a very special thing to be entrusted with becoming the voice in a listener’s head.

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I’ve just finished final production on this one, so it should be available in a couple weeks. I can’t rave enough about this book!


BOLD and hard-hitting, but with an intimate tone grounded in the author’s own deep agriculture connections and family history, this book talks about everything that is broken in modern agriculture, how it got that way, and explores at length how we might fix it.

The devastating disconnect of the modern agriculture industry from natural processes happened exceedingly rapidly, and Stephanie Anderson traces that history. She visits and interviews several farmers who are boldly striking out to model a new type of agriculture on their own terms, to reach far beyond the cliched word “sustainability” to rebuilding. Rebuilding quality lives for farmers, rebuilding trust and relationships with those who eat, rebuilding America’s soil, and making foods nutrient-rich again.

If you care about agriculture, farmers, ecology, or just care about where your food comes from, you just might love this book at much as I do. It reads like the Omnivore’s Dilemma - a journalistic memoir, and is both an incredibly timely analysis of how everything got so profoundly broken and a ray of hope. Right now, farmers are being forced into desperate choices or being forced off their farms due to the industrial ag machine, but trailblazers are also, right now, living alternatives.

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I’ve loved narrating Linda Seed’s books ever since I was lucky enough to voice her entire Mainstreet Merchants series. Her women are smart, loyal, hilariously funny, and stand up for themselves.

This new series is following Ryan’s brothers!

This one in particular involves an unwanted inheritance, a horse, and a white-knuckle flight to Canada. Just saying.


Boy meets the girl he’s not supposed to have ANYthing to do with, and she’s captivating. What could go wrong?

Family secrets, a controlling patriarch, and one very determined man who knows his heart. Roll the drama…

historical fiction

A beautiful young woman disappears in Elizabeth City and turns up apparently drowned. An intense court drama unfolds as the community seeks retribution at the cost of justice.

I love Nicholas Nicastro’s historical fiction, and this is a vivid and gritty true crime with many rich themes and lush writing, taking place in the rapid cultural changes of the century’s turn.